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Business Communication Fundmentals

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Effective business communication is imperative for all employees. This course consists of the following components:

Verbal Communication Skills: Effective Communication
Discover how to communicate eloquently in person and on the phone using examples and sample calls. The user will understand proper greeting, hold and transfer and closing protocol, as well as how to create impactful first impressions by using tone, body language and word choice to their advantage. The learner will also receive helpful tips about effective listening.

Verbal Communication Skills: Building Rapport
Uncover the definition of rapport while infusing the importance of making a good first impression. The user will acquire a step-by-step process of rapport building and view samples of good rapport building techniques.

Business Writing 101
Creates an overview of core business writing principles. The module reviews sentence structure, punctuation and grammar tips. Examples of correspondence often used within insurance agencies are included. The power and impact of word choice on the readers perception is covered within this module.

Business Writing 201
Leads the learner through a grammar review. The concept and examples of powerful opening and closing lines within correspondence is introduced. Included in this module are business writing essentials to create more powerful communication such as: concrete nouns, avoiding clichs, active voice, etc.

Personal Time Management
Identify time wasters and tips for setting priorities, understand what items rob you of your time each day and how to solve these issues, deploy techniques to avoid interruptions, understand how to say no positively and how to balance your client demands and deadlines, and finally, you will create a personal action plan for improving your time management skills.


Registration Fee:
$80.00 per person


Continuing Education Credits:
To be determined

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