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CE Requirements


CE Requirements

​ Vermont law requires insurance agents or brokers to meet the continuing education (CE) requirement each 24-month licensing period.

Upon a producer’s license renewal and every renewal thereafter, a producer must complete 24 hours of approved continuing education courses during the preceding two years. Of the 24 hours requirement, no more than six credits may come from credit categorized as Agency Management.

All licensed agents are required to take 3 Hour Flood Course (one time requirement – if you have already taken it then you are all set, but if you are newly licensed you will need to take the 3 hour requirement.)

All licensed agents are required to take 3 Hour Ethics Course every two years. To meet these requirements, producers must take courses approved for Vermont Insurance Continuing Education. (See the CE Calendar for eligible classes)

The continuing education requirements do not apply to an agent or broker until after the first renewal or first eligibility for renewal of their license.
For more detailed information regarding continuing education, use the links below:

Department of Financial Regulation – Licensing Department

Prometric – This site helps individuals plan for their producer license. Exam outlines can be accessed from this site.

Look up Education Transcript –

  1. Click on Look Up Education Course/Credits
  2. Click on Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry
  3. Select Vermont
  4. Type in agent license number and last name

Print Agent License –

  1. Click on More Services under Quick Start for Agents and Agencies
  2. Click on Print a License
  3. Type in Last 4 digits of SSN, Last Name, Licensing State and License Number

Other License Requirements

Nonresident Licensure
A nonresident Vermont producer is deemed to have satisfied the CE requirement if they are in good standing in their state of residence.

Vermont Resident Producers Licensed in Other States
Resident producers who need to show compliance with Vermont CE requirements for nonresident licensing will be able to demonstrate CE compliance to other states or districts by the same means currently used to confirm licensure.

Course Completion
Course Providers are required to provide you with a course completion certificate within 20 days of your successful completion of an approved course. A course completion certificate is your proof of completion of the required courses. It is your responsibility to acquire, retain and safeguard them for the current and preceding CE review periods. The Department has the right to request your course completion certificates to verify your attendance and successful completion of approved CE courses.

Consequences of Failing to Meet Your CE Requirement
Your license will not be renewed if:

You failed to request an extension and did not satisfy the CE requirement; or Your license will be suspended if you requested an extension and have not satisfied the CE requirement by the end of the extension.

If your license is non-renewed for failure to complete your CE requirement, you must submit a new NAIC Uniform application, a $30.00 application fee and a $30.00 license fee. You will also need to attach copies of your CE compliance certificates from the previous CE period. Since company appointments held under the previous license would have been terminated, the producer must make a request to the appointing company to apply for new appointments as well.