Young Agents


Who is a Young Agent?
​A Young Agent is anyone who has worked in the industry for    less than ten years or is 40 years of age or younger. A Young    Agent does not have to be a licensed agent.

What is the purpose of the VIAA Young Agents Committee (YACs)?
The purpose of the VIAA Young Agents Committee is to provide a platform that will encourage and support leadership development, education and recruitment of young agents for the members of the VIAA.

What are the goals of the YACs?
• To be a self sustaining committee that serves as a spring board for perpetuating the leadership of
agencies and the support of the VIAA.
• To be a committee that is successful in assisting with the development of the next generation of
young agents in Vermont.
• To create the networking opportunities focused on creating communications between young agents
and the leaders of agencies, the VIAA and the carriers.
• To assist the VIAA in creating a network of relationships with our educational institutions and other
recruiting areas.

Who makes up the Committee?
The committee shall consist of no more than 20 members including Chairperson, Co-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Of the 20 members, no more than 5 insurance company representatives are eligible for membership. There will be no limitation for at-large members.

Who is eligible to join the VIAA Young Agents Committee?
You must meet he definition of a YAC as stated above and be employed by an agency member of the VIAA that is in good standing.

How do I join the YACs?
First provide your name, address, agency, and email to Brady Hecht at to be added to the list and specify if you are interested in serving on the committee or would just like to be an at-large member. The YAC Leadership will affirm your membership.

How often do the YACs meet?
The committee will meet regularly to discuss the agenda and be sure that the committee is on track with objectives and goals. It may be necessary to meet via phone or email in lieu of a physical meeting. The committee can make decisions or votes from those meetings.

What does it cost to join the YACs?
There is no membership fee to join the YACs. A fee may be charged from time to time for certain events.