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Client Management Essentials

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Todays demanding clients require the account management team to anticipate client needs, adapt communication style, balance priorities and manage conflict. This course includes the following components:

Introduction to Errors & Omissions learning
Teaches the user about important information, insurance regulations, licensing and authority. The user will also explore the fiduciary duties of an insurance agency.

Errors & Omissions: What Can You Do?
Reviews the definitions of errors and omissions, along with important information about who is liable and the possible consequences. A top ten list of the errors and omissions agencies experience is explained in detail. The user will explore and retain best practices in avoiding E&O exposure.

Customer Management: Anticipating Needs
Explores the roles within the insurance agency and helps the learner to understand the new business workflow, renewal workflow and certificates of insurance process. The user will also learn how to build credibility and loyalty with co-workers and clients, how to develop a strong client retention strategy and understand how anticipating needs will aid in customer management.

Customer Management: Balancing Priorities
Explores different time management strategies for balancing clients requests and agency demands. The learner will also develop techniques to prioritize agency duties, avoid procrastination, manage a workload and manage a workspace.

Introduction to Relationship Management
Introduces the learner to the four communication styles. The learner will identify their own communication style and learn techniques for communicating with others such as clients, team members, managers and carrier underwriters.

Building Trust and Managing Conflict
Helps the learner review the four communication styles often used and discussed in relationship management. The module also demonstrates for the user how to build trust with clients. A section on managing conflict provides ready to use tips.


Registration Fee:
$80.00 per person


Continuing Education:
To be determined

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