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Homeowners Coverages

Homeowners Coverages

Gain a strong understanding of the property and liability coverages to properly protect your customers.   Topics include:

  • Understanding the Need for and the Components of Homeowners Policy
  • Classifying HO3 Coverage A Dwelling and Coverage B Other Structures
  • Summarizing HO3 Coverage C Personal Property
  • Reviewing the Need for, Provisions of, and Limitations of HO3 Coverage D Loss of Use
  • Explaining the Need for and Basic Functions of the HO3 Section I
  • Property of Additional
  • Differentiating Between Direct Physical Loss and Named Perils in the HO3
  • Classifying HO3 Section I Exclusions by Property Category
  • Explaining HO3 Property Conditions
  • Classifying Homeowners Forms General Uses and Major Differences
  • Helping Customers Plan Their Homeowners Property Program CASE STUDY
  • Explaining the Need for HO3 Section II Coverages
  • Summarizing the HO3 Section II Exclusions
  • Explaining the HO3 Section II Conditions and the Section I and II Conditions
  • Evaluating the Need for Section I and Section II Endorsements to a Homeowners Policy
  • Evaluating the Need for Endorsements That Apply to Both Sections I and II of a Homeowners Policy
  • Planning Homeowners Coverage

ACSR Logo.pngThis seminar part of the Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR) program.  Learn more about ACSR.



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Registration Fee:
$104.00 per person

Self Study

Continuing Education:
3 General Credits

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